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Wasp Removal Home Remedies

Wasps are among the most treacherous of all the flying insects that can inflict a sting. Research has shown that the sting of a wasp is smooth in nature. It can be rated similar to a hypodermic needle. This also means that when a wasp stings, the stinger can be pulled out. Is your quest for wasp removal home remedies? Reading through the rest part of this article will help you discover great home remedies to getting rid of wasps provided by wasp control Toronto service.


Once your trap is designed or built, there are a number of items that can be used to attract wasps. Wasps tend to favor sweet syrup liquids in the likes of lemonade, soda or sugar water. With sugar baits, wasps can be easily drawn into the funnel. Provided the wasps have entered the bait, the sugar will capture their wings. This will make them unable to fly and as well get drown in the bait. Meat bait can be used as an alternative option.

You can attach a tiny piece of liver to a string and properly lowered into the trap. To keep the meat suspended, you can use a solution of soapy water. After taking their fill, wasps will be totally drawn to the meat. This makes them too heavy to fly. On this note, wasps will finally fall or drop into the water where the detergent can coat their wings and making them useless.


There is every possibility for you to design an effective, simple and cheap wasp trap. This can be achieved by using an empty two-liter soda bottle. The lid or top cover should be removed from the bottle. Now, you can go ahead to cut the top off. At this juncture, you will have to get rid of the area of the bottle that stretches above the label. The bottle top should be inverted and placed into the bottom area of the container. This will help to create a pathway to the direct flow of wasp traffic.

The funnel located inside the bottle should be properly secured by using the bait of your choice and a tape. The lure should be prevented from reaching the opening of the funnel. The side of the funnel should be properly coated with petroleum jelly. It is important to always set your traps outside. You can design enough traps that should be used in every ten feet around the perimeter of the area of your choice. You will have to check the trap for wasps every 2-3 days.